We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly diagnose and fix any issues your vehicle may have. Our shop is capable of handling a variety of issues from off-road specific problems to everyday reliability issues.

Automotive Repair


Engine Diagnostics and Repair
Is your check engine light on? Is your engine making strange sounds or not running smoothly? Stop by and we can check the engine codes and quickly figure out what is happening with your vehicle.
Brakes and Traction Control
Are your brakes making noise? Are you feeling vibrations in the steering wheel or pedal under braking? We offer brake repairs on all vehicles and can repair ABS systems. From brake-lines and hydraulic systems to rotors, drums and pads, we can do it all in house.
Electrical – Sensors – Wiring
Full electrical diagnostics and re-wiring of most components.
Engine Cooling System
Vehicle overheating? We can fix that. From radiators, hoses, thermostats, and fan assemblies to heads or head gaskets.
Heating and Air Conditioning
Evac & recharge, compressors, condensers, lines, hoses, heater cores, and all electrical controls and components.
Lighting and Horns
Light bars, tinted headlights/taillights, bright Halos, LEDs, Air horns or customized, we can do it all!
Suspension and Lift Kits
From alignments to full component replacement, we can make your vehicle handle like new again.
Drive Trains- Axles – Clutches
Clutch replacements, transmission repairs, front and rear axles and all associated bearings.